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Parking Project Solutions

Discover the advantages that automated robotic, and mechanical parking systems provide for a property, over conventional parking methods. Discuss with WRAP the differences between various system types and their manufacturers. We have chosen and work with the best suppliers in the industry to bring automated, robotic, and mechanical parking to the US. Read about us

Council OKs $45 million for downtown projects

Downtown Wichita

The Wichita City Council on Tuesday took another step toward bringing 230 more apartments and a 273-space automated parking garage to downtown Wichita.

The council approved up to $45 million in industrial revenue bonds and up to $12.5 million in tax increment financing to help push forward a $60 million-plus plan to renovate the vacant Exchange Place and Bitting buildings and build apartment space on East Douglas, as well as the garage. Continue reading

Green Parking is No Longer a Concept, It’s Here Now

Green Parking is Here

Parking, whether in lots or garages, is benefiting from some fresh thinking these days, thanks to new technology and creative ideas that can both save operators money and reduce carbon footprints. Parking operators are also addressing the need for publicly available electric vehicle charging in New York and other cities, though it’s not widely installed yet. Continue reading

Mechanical.. Automated.. Robotic?

What is it all about, is it right for your project?

WRAP Parking Horizontal Puzzle

These parking systems are designed to save space, be energy efficient, and minimize pollution. Safety is maximized and crashes are minimized. Barely taking hold in the US, this technology is currently sweeping Europe and Asia. With LEED certifications taking significance in building design, it’s inevitable these parking systems will be added to the list that defines green development. Read more